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Love, Money & Revenge

by Shandy Lawson

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When I walk from this place There’ll be sunlight on my face I’ll go in style, truth and grace When I walk from this place When I’m led down the hall Won’t be no fear at all They’re lighting candles outside the wall When I’m led down the hall Oh when I feel that little sting From that space-age guillotine I ain’t scared of anything When I feel that little sting When I fly through the clouds Gonna let my sin rain down There won’t be no guards around When I fly through the clouds When I walk from this place There’ll be sunlight on my face I’ll go in style, truth and grace When I walk from this place
Come on, Katy Let’s lose this freezing wind Like we did in November Like I know we’ll do again Come on, let’s lose this freezing wind Come on, Katy Keep up, don’t fall behind There’s a place around the corner— They’ll let us sit inside Katy keep up, don’t fall behind And all I know is someday we will fly away On this bitter wind Katy, we’ll be flying home again Come on, Katy We’re too broke for this town They’re closing down the shelter They don’t want us around Too many rich folks in this town Hey there, Katy With the emeralds in your eyes When I hit the big time I’ll buy you sunny skies I’ll buy you bright, sunny skies And all I know is someday we will fly away On this bitter wind Katy, we’ll be flying home again
“It was our darkest hour,” Is what everyone said The day the town of Chelsea Got turned on its head When the whole world gazed Bewitched an amazed At the miracle that laid at their feet Widow Johnson’s Chevy— One wheel in the grave Took to losing oil At a most alarming rate And it left a stain A mark on the terrain That forever changed little Chelsea Upon returning home one day Widow Johnson saw the stain In a most familiar shape— The face of the Virgin Mary She called out to her neighbors And they called out to theirs And before you could say a Hail Mary The whole town was there And it filled the street The sound of shuffling feet They all came out to see her blessed driveway The pretty girl from the evening news And the kid from the Chelsea Press Took turns asking questions About which driveway was blessed And it made front page It was all the rage Folks of every age came to Chelsea By noon the hotels all were booked Widow Johnson’s whole house shook They were on the roof to get a look At the face of the Virgin Mary And maps to the scene were sold on every corner You can take the walking tour for twenty bucks Replicas for sale are all hand-painted And guaranteed to bring you divine luck “Binoculars for rent, only five dollars— And guaranteed to provide immaculate perception.” The excitement reached a fever pitch Until someone in the crowd Said “The stain looks less like Mary, And more like Charlie Brown.” And they all went quiet Someone said, “You’re right.” And they receded into the night Until the street was empty The sun came up on Chelsea Widow Johnson surveyed the scene That oil stain on the driveway Would take all day to clean And she swept the street Cleaned up the debris It was back to the old routine in Chelsea
I’m tired but I’m not sleeping Wheels turning in my head On the sidewalk and I’m bleeding In the morning I’ll be dead Love, money and revenge Will drive a man right over the edge Love, money and revenge Straightenoutstraightenoutstraightenout I’m a sinner but I’m not wicked Got an eye for the finer things Easier to take it than make it You see what taking it brings Love, money and revenge Will drive a man right over the edge Love, money and revenge Straightenoutstraightenoutstraightenout A sharp mind turns away from temptation A blind eye don’t turn at all An empty heart tries to fill up on fortune A deaf ear don’t hear the call Love, money and revenge Will drive a man right over the edge Love, money and revenge Straightenoutstraightenoutstraightenout
If I had a nickel for each day that I’d do over If I had a dime for every time I dropped the ball I’d just be a few bucks richer and another year older So what the hell, it’s just as well that I have no change at all If I had a quarter for each day that I grew older I could have a pretty penny at the end of my days But I suppose by then it won’t be worth half of nothing So I’ll take my quarters and I’ll spend them along the way Brother, there’s nothing wrong with me A little sunlight wouldn’t fix I’m wide open as a breezy summer day If I had a dollar for each time I wished I had one I would buy us a jumbo jet and we could fly away Over the clouds and up around where the rain can’t reach us One of these days…one of these days
The Beat 02:20
In my shoes there’s pins and needles I have walked this beat so long Some days I’m the devil Other days I can do no wrong And I’m looking for release in a drink after hours But there’s nothing in this glass But the reflection of my eye As I’m walking through the valley In the shadow of days gone by I’m looking for a memory Of where I was when I lost my drive And I’m thinking really hard about going out of business Cashing in my pension For a little peace of mind Now I’m thinking, thinking clearly About all of the ways to fall Am I waiting? Am I Ready? For a chance to lose it all But I never lost my nerve when it came down to my conscience Never lost my head when It was time to shine
With You 03:37
When the wheels of heaven spin off their tracks When the sky is no longer blue When the sun goes down and can’t find its way back I’ll still belong with you Every daydream starts with your face Every memory too Here in your arms I know I’m home Here I belong with you When the lights go down and my heart is still And I lose sight of all that I knew I won’t forget my place in this world Here I belong with you Every daydream starts with your face Every memory too Here in your arms I know I’m home Here I belong with you
What I Did 02:26
Everyone will know about what I did What I did will be the talk of the town I’ll go down in history When they write my history down Everyone will know about what I did The media will cover it from every side Maybe I’ll star in the movie Lights, camera, action—I’m gonna shine And be a big shot hotspot at the parties Champagne, airplanes and limousines Mmm but then again— The world may not be ready for what I did And come to think of it, I’m often misunderstood I could be criticized and ostracized, branded obscene Blackballed and deported Or stoned on the green Or put up on the biggest cross that God’s ever seen Everyone will hate me for what I did What I did will get the evil eye I’ll go down in history A disappointing devil such as I Lord have mercy on a disappointing devil such as I
Audrey was unfaithful Time and time again And when she came in late Her husband knew just where she’d been So he asked around until he found A friend of a friend of a friend And they discussed a toxic dust— She’d never cheat again There were eight teacups in the house For Audrey’s morning tea She had a cup with breakfast Seven days a week He picked up one of Audrey’s cups Grinning at himself Then sprinkled the poison in the bottom And placed it on the shelf The sun came up on a brand new day And Audrey drank her tea Before she’s done he left for work And rolled back in at three But she was fine when he got inside Rosy, right as rain Seven teacups, seven days Seven chances remained Each day followed same as the first Day after day for a week She’d get up and pour a cup He’s watching as she drinks But he knew before he opened the door When he got home that day That she’d be laying dead in there From teacup number eight There was no surprise when he saw her eyes Had lost their spark of life He sat down on the sofa Next to his late wife And that was when he saw a pen And a letter in her hand Just a paragraph or two And it began: “Dear Johnny, I’m so sorry I couldn’t bring myself to tell you to your face Lately I have been so lonely When you’re at work it gets so empty in this place So I have spent some time Looking for the love we lost With another man in town “Oh I hope you’re not so angry That you can’t see your way to forgive me my crimes I’m not asking for a pardon— Just a chance for us to take a little time To catch our breath. “I’m not feeling well, Johnny I’ll just close my eyes until you get home…” Eight short years come and gone With Audrey laid to rest He still works the same old job And sleeps at the same address And he gets up and drinks a cup Of coffee every day Until one morning, he calls in sick He feels a little strange He looks across the kitchen table Audrey’s sitting there, A smirk upon her face “Oh, Johnny—I’m so sorry! You didn’t think I’d really let you get away?”
Been to the bottom but I come back again Wish I had a dime for all the bottoms I been Can’t get out of trouble, but I sure get in Oh, lord—I’m slick as sin - Written by SL Mama tried the bible and the rolling pin Daddy swung the leather and it stung my skin They tried to send a message but I didn’t flinch They said I’d learn my lesson but I never did - Written by Chris Bousquet Two steps up, but they knock you right back I try to make up for all the skills that I lack First I try, then I fail, and then I try again Even the devil can’t stop me, I’m slick as sin - Written by Frank Critelli I was just fourteen when I left the nest I took a railroad job, and headed west When my father finally caught me I was grown a man He grabbed me by the neck and cussed Goddamn - Written by Calvin DeCutlass I’ve been known to talk about where I’ve been I’m like a travel agent in a singer’s skin And if the journey ends before I’ve arrived At least I’ll have some peace knowing that I tried - Written by Mike Lasala Wish that I could stay a longer while We’re putting it together here old-school style Clowns on the radio, pissing on fires But the tent’s coming down and the wind’s getting higher - Written by Patsy O’Brien Another year over, another record to do And if it takes us nowhere, at least I’ll be there with you Ask me if I want to and I’m gonna say yes Even if our only fame is in the Bristol Press - Written by Peter & Julie Riccio I spied a little honey out in the front row She was digging my groove, she said, “Go Velvet, Go!” I gave her a wink and I started to vamp Got tangled up in my cord and tripped over my amp - Written by James Velvet


released January 1, 2006

Written and performed by SL except the voice of Audrey on "The Ninth Cup" by Julie Riccio, and "Slick as Sin Strikes Back" written and performed by The New Haven Nine: Shandy, Chris Bousquet, Frank Critelli, Calvin DeCutlass, Mike Lasala, Patsy O'Brien, The Sawtelles, and James Velvet.

Recorded at ShandyLand Studios & Pub in Burlington, CT and Media Park Studios in Farmington, CT with engineering assistance from John Sheatsley and Aaron Lovejoy.

Shandy Proudly uses John Pearse strings and ProCo cables and direct boxes.



all rights reserved



Shandy Lawson New Haven, Connecticut

Formerly of Los Angeles, Tampa, and NYC, Shandy is a New Haven, CT-based performing songwriter. But really, he'll play pretty much anywhere.

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